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Award-winning game BlowThis! hits iOS!!

Remember when you were young desperately trying to blow up your neighbors mail-boxes with firecrackers? If so, you probably also remember the disappointment of failing to achieve that perfect explosion that, in your mind, would send the pieces flying for miles away. Well, in this game you are guaranteed to achieve that objective.


  • Realistic physics simulation!
  • High-performance graphics-rendering using OpenGL!
  • Adjustable bomb-size to control your detonations!
  • Blast object out of screen directly or break them into smaller pieces!
  • Several object-materials which require you to use different strategies for each level!
  • Earn rewards and show your friends on facebook or twitter!
  • 150 levels available to blast your way through!

BLOW THIS! This game is about one thing - blow stuff up!

Place your bombs carefully and set the amount of nitro you need to achieve that perfect blast. Your objective is to clear each level using as little nitro as possible. For really good results, rewards are given to you that you can share with your friends on facebook or twitter.


Well... No!

You have to make sure you don't spend too much nitro on each level. You can pickup nitro and mines as you move along that will grant you some more or bigger bombs throughout the levels, but not enough to let you go berserk on every level.

Smart detonations and clever use of gravity is the key to success.

Naturally, this game is completely ad-free.

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Release of Blowthis! on IOS!!


Release of Blowthis! on IOS!!


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